How Does eduMEET Work

eduMEET is a webRTC based video conferencing system which allows users to dynamically create video conference rooms for either 1-to-1 or multiple user conferences. The major advantage of eduMEET is that there is no need for any client software to be installed as most modern browsers on both laptops and mobile devices support webRTC protocols natively.

The main purpose of the eduMEET platform is to provide easy to use, secure, and affordable video conferencing service for the international research, education and art community as an alternative to commercial solutions. Users in scope of different projects need to collaborate across different organisations and countries and they expect services that are accessible and interoperable. eduMEET simplifies real-time communication and introduces browser-based personal conferencing tool that runs without the need to install any additional clients or plugins. Only the web-browser and simple web-camera are enough to start using eduMEET.

Key Features

In order to create a complete communication and fully functional solution that can meet the expectations of the scientific and research communities, enhanced functional features were designed, in particular:

  • WebRTC audio/video communication;
  • screen sharing, file sharing and chat feature;
  • federated login, including eduGAIN;
  • speaker detection (microphone analyser with visual indicator);
  • audio and video streams management ;
  • full-screen mode, raise hand option, connection testing;
  • customizable view layout (democratic and filmstrip);
  • high resolution support (tested up to 4K).

The main advantages of eduMEET are:

  • Own, open source software
  • Secure communication
  • Trust - on level of similar organizations
  • Trustworthy - Keeping the AV traffic inside our network (GÉNT + NRENs) as long as possible
  • Low cost compared with commercial solutions
  • WebRTC standards based and easy to use
  • No need for installation of custom applications or plug-ins which complicates using VC

International R&E requires the collaboration of many researchers who work for different institutions and may also be spread geographically. Video Conferencing (VC) is an essential support tool and although many commercial solutions exist, the problems of ease of use, cost, reliability and trustworthiness can be barriers to their use within the R&E community. R&E needs a low-cost, open and transparent alternative VC solution that requires no special software to operate and can be operated and supported from within the community.

In the table 1 you'll see how the eduMEET software is compared to other commercial services that the NREN community are using.

Feature Name of the service
eduMEET Lifesize Zoom Pexip Jitsi Skype for Business
Type of application (On-prem/ SaaS) On-prem Cloud Service SaaS (with  possible local parts) SaaS, or On-prem On-prem On-prem, SaaS
Web based application yes yes no yes yes no
Desktop client HTML, Web Browser Application, (Win/Mac/Linux) or Chrome webBrowse Application, (Win/Mac/Linux) Chrome based (Win/Mac/Linux) HTML, Web Browser Application, (Win/Mac/Linux)
Mobile client HTML, Web Browser, hybrid app Mobile app

(AppStore, Google Play)

Mobile app

(AppStore, Google Play)

yes HTML, Web Browse Mobile app

(AppStore, Google Play)

Group chat yes yes yes yes yes yes
Individual and multi-party calls yes yes yes yes yes yes
Screen sharing yes yes yes yes yes yes
Max video resolution 4K 4K HD HD HD HD
Max content resolution 4K 4K HD HD HD HD
Max number of callers (typical min. server) 40 50 1000 30 50 50
Open stds. (WebRTC) yes yes no no yes no
Call recording No in Beta,

(available in production version)

Yes, With UVC Video Center yes External (rtmp, wowza, youtube, etc) Via YouTube Yes, cloud-based
Broadcast No in Beta,

(available in production version)

yes yes RTMP Via YouTube Via Skype Meeting Broadcast portal
Webinar no yes yes, (different license, additional functionality) yes, (different license, additional functionality) no no
Claim room yes no yes no no no
Gateways yes, sip yes, sip yes, sip Pexip Distributed Gateway service

SIP, H323

Yes, SIP, external project Jibri Yes, external products
Raise hand yes no yes no yes no
Support yes, free yes yes yes yes, free yes
Data in research network (trustworthy) yes no partially possible no yes, possible no
eduGAIN login yes no yes no yes no
LMS integration yes, possible no yes no yes, possible no
Support yes, free yes yes yes yes, free yes
Cost free 19 USD (Small)


14.99 USD (Pro) host/month licence fee free  licence fee

Table 1:  Comparison of key metrics for the various offerings

Primarily the eduMEET platform was created to support the whole GÉANT society regardless of the field of research they are involved in. But it is an open source tool which can be used in many different sectors and activities, in particular we can point out four main customer segments which are the most interesting:

  • Research and education society across EU - main target - as a supporting service in daily work and international research cooperation;
  • Media and Arts - an easy-to-use collaboration platform for remote education and live art performing;
  • NRENs - as a video conferencing service provider for national research and education societies;
  • Integrators - creators and developers of integrated solutions (e.g. for education) where the video conferencing tool is an important part of the whole platform (e.g. Moodle).

Use Cases

Here are some examples where to use eduMEET:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Webinars
  • One to one meetings
  • Lectures
  • Projects
  • Part of the LMS
  • Remote working (students, employees etc.)

There is also already some use cases that are using the eduMEET technology:

  • GÉANT hosted eduMEET instance for project members
  • UNINETT hosted letsMeet instance in Norway
  • Also some other countries have their own instances like CARNet (Croatia), KIFÜ (Hungary), KRENA (Kyrgyzstan), PSNC (Poland)


Service Manager
Development Team
L1 support
L2 support
L3 support
Other stakeholders
 Bartłomiej Idzikowski, WP4-T2 - task leader  NREN/Institution  NREN/Institution  Gêant-project development team e.g. NREN's, universities, institutions, end-users, admins, standardisation partners, Gêant

Table 2: Contact details